Individual Health Insurance

Choose the Appropriate Individual Health Insurance Plan

Oregon follows a transparent process when it comes to approving individual health insurance rates. While the process can be beneficial for insurance carriers, information can get technical and inaccessible for individuals. This is where we step in to help.

Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning, Inc. will serve as your guide on individual health insurance in Oregon. We provide professional benefit planning and administrative services to help you choose the appropriate policy and premium for your needs.

Working with a Team of Experts

Efficiency and professionalism set us apart from other companies. Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning, Inc. employs a team of licensed experts to assist with your individual health insurance in Oregon. From negotiating rates to managing your full benefit package, we have you covered. To find out more about our team, browse our company profile.

Assisting with Your Individual Health Plans

When it comes to individual health plans, Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning, Inc. will never disappoint you with our expertise and unique approach. We have licensed experts to guide you on the following services:

• Health, vision, and dental insurance
• Long term care
• Medicare insurance policies
• Term life and whole life plans
• Short term and long term disability insurance plans
• Health Savings Account regulations

Maximizing Your Insurance Benefits

Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning, Inc. will help you maximize your benefit package and discuss the different ways to save on your annual premium costs. We compare benefit and premium rates of different health plans. We also conduct a detailed analysis to recommend the best health plan based on your individual needs.

We’ll be more than glad to discuss our solutions and show how our experts can help with your health plans. Contact us for more inquiries on our services.