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Are you planning to apply for a benefit plan from health insurance companies in Oregon, but don't know where to start? Are you looking for the right plans that will help your company meet its financial goals? Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning, Inc. can help.

We specialize in the efficient integration, implementation, and administration of employee benefits. We guide your company in making the right decision to maximize your benefit package, while helping you save in the long run. With our solutions, you can get competitive rates for your plans and meet the needs of your employees.

Efficient Management of Benefit Plans

Whether you're applying for an individual or group benefit plan, Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning, Inc. will help you stay on the right track. We carry out a unique and proactive approach to recommend the best plans for your employees.


We integrate and provide sound financial advisory services. We strive to understand your company's needs and develop strategic solutions that will support your goals. Our team will also make a detailed analysis of existing benefits and provide a comprehensive comparison of benefits and premium rates from Oregon health insurance companies.


Our team diligently keeps your company updated in plan options and insurance trends, while providing full service enrollments. We will assist your company in setting financial goals and ensure you stay aligned to your expectations through our one-on-one benefit consultations.


When it comes to Cafeteria Plans or Claims Grievance, Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning, Inc. is the name to trust. We make sure your company is entitled to receive proper coverage for your benefit plan. Our team will help you in every step to put your plans into action and save you time when dealing with insurance claims and other administrative issues.

Service Built on Trust and Professionalism

Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning, Inc. has gained a strong client base over our years of service. We've earned the trust of clients across Southern Oregon through our unique approach and unmatched expertise. Our experts can assist you with individual health, dental, long-term care, and medical insurance policies. Our company also takes pride in having extensive knowledge in how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) works to guide you in your benefit planning.

We adhere to high business standards and complete client satisfaction to provide the best for businesses. With our strict work ethics and integrity, companies of all sizes continue to get support from our team.

Make a Difference with Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning, Inc.

Get started with Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning, Inc. and find out how we can help make your business better. Contact us if you have questions about our services. We'll be more than glad to address any concern and discuss our solutions.

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